José Hernán CIBILS



Born in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Secondary studies

He completed his secondary studies at the Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción, Santa Fe, Argentina, obtaining his Bachelor title in 1965.

University studies

In 1966 he enrolled at the School of Political Science of the Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, where he obtained in 1971 the Graduate's title in Political Science.

In 1977 he began regular studies at the Faculty of Arts and Musical Science of the Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, where he graduated in 1982 in Composition and in 1984 in Conducting. Among his professors were Alberto Caamaño, Gerardo Gandini and Marta Lambertini, in Composition, and Pedro I. Calderón in Conducting.

Later on, he moved to Berlin, Germany, and became a student of Prof. Rolf Reuter's conducting class (who was the Musical Director of the Komische Oper), in the Musikhochschule Hans Eisler.

Other musical studies

He studied piano at the Conservatory Juan J. Castro", La Lucila, Buenos Aires, with Inés Gómez Carrillo and Antonio De Raco.


1982 - course in Conducting at Musical Camping Bariloche, Argentina, along with members of the Philharmonic Orchestra from Buenos Aires, under the direction of Pedro I. Calderón.

1983, 84 and 85 - Courses in Conducting directed by Guillermo Scarabino, with the Symphonic Orchestra of Mendoza, Argentina.

1989 - course in Conducting at the Musikhochschule Weimar, with Prof. Heinz Rögner.


José Cibils has composed numerous works, among which we can mention:

"Sonata for piano", first performed by the author in 1982 at the Catholic University Argentina, Buenos Aires.

"Stringquartet", 1983.

"Piece for orchestra", first performed in 1985 by the Symphonic Orchestra of Mendoza (Argentina), conducted by Luis Gorelik.

"Three Short Pieces for Orchestra", first performed in 1985 by the Orchestra of the Catholic University of Argentina.

234, for 2 oboes and 2 clarinets, first performed in 1985.

"5 duets for two violins",first performance in 1985 by Haydée Francia and Delia Galán.

"Canaro in Paris and A media luz, arrangements for symphonic orchestra, played for the first time in 1997 in Stockholm, by the Stokholm-Strauss-Orkester, under the conduction of Mtro. Leon Spierer (former first violin of the Philharmonic Orchestra from Berlin.

"Music for the film Die Tangokönigin", improvised by the author at the piano 23.08.1997, in the Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin.

"Ocho Preludios", for cello and piano, first performed by Ricardo Sciamarella, Iberoamerikanisches Institut, Berlin, 1997.

"Quartango", for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano, Berlin, 1998. Recorded 2003 by Cantango Berlin.

"Quintango", for windquintet, 1998.

"Sextango", for windquintet and piano, 1998.

"Tango per dodicelli", Tango for 12 Celli, 1998.

"Dos impromptus mallorquines", for clarinet, piano and contrabass, first performed by Walter Seyfarth (member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) in Deià, Mallorca, 1998.

"Chacarera", for oboe, clarinet and piano, 1998.

"Animations", music for videos of Cristoph Kern's paintings, 1998.

"Impromptu x 5", for windquintet , 1999.

"Suite Evocativa", for clarinet and piano, first performance by Walter Seyfarth and J.Cibils in Mallorca, 1999.

"En el parque japonés (In the Japanese Park), suite of tangos, for clarinet and piano, 2000.

"Tangos Mentais", two songs for voice and piano, set to texts by the portuguese poet José Augusto Seabra, performed for the first time at the Ibero-American Institute of Berlin, 24.09.2002.

"Sumatoria", suite of pieces for four guitars, performed for the first time at the Guitar Festival of Mikulov (Republic of Chech), 9.07.2003.

"Seis Trabajos", suite of pieces for six contrabasses, charged of the Contrabass Ensamble of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, performed for the first time in november 2004 in Tokio.

"Trio Irmgard", for piano, viola and contrabass, performed for the first time 11. Juni 2005, Berlin, by Martin Stegner (BPh), Martin Heinze (BPh) and Tomoko Takahashi.

"Concert for charango, piano and orchester", commission of the Guitar Festival of Lublin, Poland.

"S- Bahn", suite of 12 parts for solo contrabass, played by Klaus Stoll (BPh), Berlin Philharmonie, Wolff Saal, 20 october 2005.

"33 Duetti for two violins", 2005, commission of Prof. Gustav Schmahl (+2004).

"Al estilo clásico", Three pieces: Tango Semplice, Milonga Perdu and Valseado, for Guitar and Flute, dedicated to Oliver Fartach-Naini and Thea Nielsen  2006. Edited by Edition Ex Tempore 2007

"Tripticorde"  Three pieces for stringorchester, 2006 - Performed for the first time by the Thurgauer Kammerorchester in Zürich, conducted by Claude Villaret, in April 2007.

"Porque ando lejos" - Piece in three parts for stringquintett and oboe - Commissioned from Kammermusik Ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin - 2008, played 28 April 2008 in the 6. Concert "Klang der Welt - Drei Lateinamerikanische Länder" in the Deutsche Oper (Foyer).

"Vidala Sentimental" - for charango and stringquartett, performed by Patrick Zeoli and  Miharu Ensemble, July 2008, in Miharu, Japan.

"Trío for flute, horn and harp" , dedicated to the Trio Zephyr, 2009.

"Sonata para Clarinete y Orquesta" - 2010

""Escenas 08", for Orchester - 2011

"Sonata para Violín y Piano" - 2012

"La paz anhelada", para Violín y Piano - 2013

"Three Songs for the Lord", for Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass, Piano and Alt Voice, commisioned by the Ensemble "Plexus", from Melbourne, Australia - 2014

"La Setúbal" - Suite for flute, harp and string quartet, commisioned by de Ensemble z, from Chur, Switzerland - 2015.


"Concerto Improvvisato" - For piano and string orchestra - 2017


"Quartet" - For string quartet - 2018


"Trazos Sinfónicos" - 9 pieces for orchestra - 2020


"Cuentos Originales", (in collaboration with 7 other authors), 1965, Ed. Castellví, Santa Fe, Argentina, with a prologue by Jorge Luis Borges.

"Gatos Magros", series of poems, 2002, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ISBN 987-43-5053-9.

"El Pez Mudo", series of 360 short poems, and 12 linographies, 2002, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ISBN 987-43-5052-0.

Prologue for "The Lord of the World", by Robert H. Benson,  2nd.  volume of  "The Library of Pope Francisco", Corriere de la Sera, Milano, May 2014.

Other studies

Between the years 1986 and 1989, he attended the classes of drawing and painting held by Prof. Jorge Tapia and Angel Caride, in Buenos Aires.

As a painter he has participated in numerous exhibitions, for example:

- Mar del Plata, 1986, exhibition of the class of Jorge Tapia

- Salon of Entre Ríos, 1987

- Schering Laboratory, Florida, Buenos Aires, 1987, 3th. Price.

- «Espacio Giesso», Buenos Aires, November 2002, individual exhibition.

- «Espacio Giesso», Buenos Aires, November 2003, individual exhibition.

- Konzert-Bar « Tuñón », Buenos Aires, Dezember 2004, individual exhibition and concert.

- Gallerie « Raumtraum am Oberbaum » - Berlin Kreuzberg  July 2005, collective exhibition.

- Gallerie « Berlin am Meer » - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg  4 March 2006, collective exhibition.


« Negau » - Tokio, December 2005. Anna Saeki sings two songs of José Cibils, "Sono Hitokoto » and « Umi no hate ».

"Misa Criolla" - Berlin - 2007 - With the Duo "Piarango". Including the Misa Criolla of Ariel Ramírez and own compositions of the duo, among another traditional folklore pieces

"Plegaria" - Berlin - 2011 - With the Duo  "Piarango". Including basically own compositions of the Duo.

"Música Viva" - Japan - 2012 - With Shintaro Mizuno, Violin, with live recordings of the Japan Tour September 2012

"Furusato" - Nagoya, Japan - 2013 - With Shintaro Mizuno, Violin, including own compositions, japanese songs and some tango and argentine folklore pieces.

"Tsuki no Usagi" - Nagoya, Japan - 2013 - With Shintaro Mizuno, Violin, including own compositions, japanese songs and some tango and argentine folklore pieces.

"La paz anhelada" - Nagoya, Japan - 2014 - With Shintaro Mizuno, Violin, including own compositions, improvisations with "haiku" lyrics and tangos.

"Yagibushi" - Nagoya, Japan - 2015 - With Shintaro Mizuno, Violin, including own compositions, improvisation over the Japanese text Yagibushi, tangos and another pieces.

Concerts and other musical activities

Jose Cibils has conducted in concert the Orchestras of the Catholic University Argentina, of the Musical Camping Bariloche (consisting on that occasion of members of the Philharmonic Orchestra from Buenos Aires), the Chamber Orchestra from Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina, as well as the Neu-Brandenburgische-Philharmonie.

Cibils has enjoyed an extensive activity as member of the Duo "Piarango" and performed a wide repertoire consisting of traditional music from South America and own works.

This duo has taken part at important international festivals, including Mikulov (Czech Republic), Lublin (Poland), Erlbach (Germany), Tartu (Estonia), LiGiTa (Lichtenstein), Vilnius (Lituania), among others.

In October 2009 they took part at the Kawamata Festival (Cosquín en Japón) in Japan (Kawamata, Fukushima), with outstanding resonance, and they were invited to play in Japan again in Mai 2010.

José was in Japan for the third time in Mai 2011. He has played together with Kimiyo Ogawa, a Japanese bandoneon player from Tokyo.


Since then Cibils have made a Japanese tour every year with the violinist Shintaro Mizuno.

On Februar 2012 José Cibils has played in the Berlin Philharmonie, in the cycle "Lunch Konzerts" with the group "Tango Filarmónico", (Walter Seyfarth (B.Ph.O), Clarinet; Laurentius Dinca (B.Ph.O.), Violin; Stanilslaw Pajak (B.Ph.O.), Double bass and Lothar Hensel, Bandoneon), with great success.

In 2016 Cibils conducted the Chamber Orchestra of Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina. The program included works by Prokovieff, Mozart, and also his own compositions.


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