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Astrology and Tarot 




I started with astrology at the age of 24, when I had my birth chart before my eyes for the first time and I found out where my planets were, my ascendant, what all that meant, etc. Since then, I never stopped studying. I took classes with different teachers in Buenos Aires, among them the Swiss astrologer Agnes Widmer, who introduced me to the work of Wolfgang Döbereiner, founder of the "Munich Rhythm School" (München Rhythmenlehre). When I moved to Germany, I was able to read his works. I learned his method, very similar to Proluna, but a bit more complicated and clockwise, that is, backwards from Boris Cristoff's program. With him, I corrected the time of some birth charts quite well.


I read almost all of his books, to which I added everything I could from Liz Green, Stephen Arroyo, Dane Rudhyar and many more. I did countless birth charts by hand. From the beginning I was drawn to research (surely because of my Uranus in Gemini, in the 10th house), convinced that everything that happened down here had to somehow be reflected in the sky (and vice versa). Most of my attempts were unsuccessful, but not in vain, because I kept active and advanced in my astrological knowledge.


With the arrival of the Internet a new field opened up, everything became easier, but at the same time the available material increased enormously, so a selection became necessary.


Currently, the invaluable courses of Maria Blaquier's Academy are giving me the possibility to unite and systematize everything I have learned, as well as to add new elements, such as Horary Astrology, which completely captured my interest. To which Elective Astrology, Astromapping, Astrogematry... were added later.


I would not be writing these paragraphs without her invaluable help, because in addition to a passionate didactic vocation, Maria takes care of promoting her students, which is not at all common.

I currently offer Birth Charts (including various techniques such as Solar Return, Zodiacal Liberation and others), and answer questions with Horary Astrology. 

You can contact me here:

I prefer to speak Spanish and German.


The Tarot appeared soon after in my field of attention and quickly caught my attention. I also took some courses, but basically I am self-taught and guided by my own experience and years of practice. I use the Rider deck, because in this way I can understand the minor arcana, which in the Marseille's version do not tell me much. That's why I used only the major ones for a long time. 


I believe that the Tarot has helped me to develop my intuition and until today I am the first to be surprised by the things I say (or that the cards dictate to me).

Ask me a question and I will tell you the message of the Tarot cards.

You can contact me here:

I prefer to speak Spanish and German.

Akasha Readings

After an introduction to the subject given to me by a sister who did every course possible, I was encouraged relatively recently, maybe two years ago or less, to read the records of those who asked me to do it, and I get surprising results. 


Although I was already quite trained by long years of psychotherapy with the impressive psychic Dr. Edmundo Vaamonde, who occasionally used the "directed reverie", something very similar to the Akasha visions. Then in Berlin I had several sessions with a Dutch healer (Heilpraktiker), Peter Quint, who applied the same method and with his help I was able to "see" incredible things.


The Akasha readings are for me a continuation of those experiences and I practice them, when I am inspired and asked to do it.

Present me a problem or ask me a question and I will tell you what your Akasha records tell me about it. For this I need a little time, I don't do it immediately.

You can contact me here:

I prefer to speak Spanish and German.



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