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Birth Chart: € 40

It includes several elements, among them the Solar Return, Progressions and others.

Horary Chart: € 40

Ask (almost) anything and I will answer it.

Steps to follow:

1) Formulate the question, with as many details and data as possible so that I can fully understand it.
2) I will inform you as soon as possible if your question can be answered or not.
3) If so, make the payment.
4) Within 2 to 4 days (if there is no urgency) I will answer it in writing or by zoom.

Elective Chart: € 30*

You can choose the best date for any undertaking (travel, marriage, etc.), within the parameters that you have to give me (possible dates and times available to you).

Astromapping: € 20

This technique tells you how you will feel in the place you choose to move to or travel to for an extensive period of time.

Astrogematry: € 20

Through this procedure, each word or phrase (proper, street, city names, full sentences, etc.) is translated into a degree of the zodiac, which thus becomes a sensitive point of your astrological chart.

Prices for Argentina: Ask me

You can do any previous consultation by email:

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