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A special Horary Chart

Should I quit my job?

The consultant, a physiotherapist, wants to know whether she should stay in the practice where she works (which is part of a traumatology practice) and where she does not feel comfortable, or whether she should resign. Question asked on February 3, 2023 - 12:53 pm - Berlin

Horary Chart

This horary is a very special case because since I see the consultant regularly, I was able to follow the long process to its end.

So, more than a horary, this is a "coaching" chart that lasted several months. My initial reaction was relativized and I was able to accompany the querent, giving her at each moment the indication that seemed appropriate to me. In the end, when the tension became unusually high, I advised her to consult a lawyer.

Consideration before judgment: The Ascendant is at 29º 31' of Gemini (which is also a mutable sign), the issue is already decided, or the situation will change. After clarifying this to the interested party, I decided to read the chart anyway.

The querent is Mercury, peregrine at 19º of Capricorn, in the 8th house. She is going through a moment of crisis and anxiety. Mercury moves directly, a little slower than its average speed, and gradually accelerates as it approaches the Sun. It is currently in the third stage of her progress.

This indicates that she is about 55 years old, no longer in her prime, but very experienced and good at her job.

The work is Saturn, in conjunction with the cusp of the 10th house, at 26º of Aquarius; it, therefore, has an essential and accidental dignity, it is extremely angular in its own house, it has a lot of strength, although it is 4º from the change of sign (which will happen on March 8th). It does not make contact with Mercury, but rules it, and applies to a trine to the Ascendant (the querent).

It is a very good work. Saturn is the ruler of Mercury and the 8th, 9th, and 10th houses.

It is also the boss. The querent perceives him as authoritarian and does not like him. All the other physiotherapists and some of the staff gradually resigned.

Understandably, a Saturn in its domicile and angular in the 10th house is only interested in itself. In the 11th house, on the other hand, we see a peregrine Jupiter, which tends to expand too much (the doctor can no longer pay the debts incurred), and Neptune, right on its cusp, indicating mismanagement of the practice's resources, which caused the deterioration of the relationship with the team and a lot of disorder.

It is interesting to compare this horary with the client's natal chart, which is attached (I use the Regiomontanus house system for both). In the natal chart, Mars, ruler of the Ascendant, in the 5th house, makes a partial opposition to Saturn, in the 11th house.

Saturn is the ruler of the natal 10th house, at 23° Capricorn, the same as in the horary. This shows a tension between the querent and Saturn, that is, with her work, already in the natal chart. It is as if she is repeating the pattern in the horary.

That is, in the natal aspect there is tension between Mars (ruler of the ASC) and Saturn (dispositor of the 10th house), and in the horary aspect there is a situation of dependence between Mercury (ruler of the querent) and Saturn (head). In both cases, Saturn represents her work.


I add this as an interesting correlation between the two charts, which reinforces the radicality of the horary.

In the 10th house of the horary we also find Venus, exalted and with term, at 9º of Pisces. This would indicate, first of all, that there are more people involved. In fact, at one time there were assistants and other doctors in the practice, including a female doctor.

One woman, in charge of the physiotherapy department, deals directly with the consultant, with whom she does not get along very well (I take the Moon as her natural dispositor, making a tense opposition to Mercury in Capricorn, the sign of the Moon's exile, which also transmits the light of Venus, with which it makes a trine of separation).

Venus in Pisces could also represent another facet of the querent's work (Pisces favors empathy with the patient, which is one of the querent's strengths). On the other hand, it also rules the horary 12th house, hence the intrigues and problems with the woman above.

Consultant's Natal Chart

May 11, 1965, 4:32, Cali, Colombia

Rectified by me

And since we are bringing up the natal chart, we could venture the hypothesis that since Venus is combust and conjunct Algol, everything that has to do with this planet, whether in time charts, transits, progressions, etc., will resonate with the natal position of the planet, which is the "promise" of the chart.

What the letter does not promise can hardly be carried out, and what it does will manifest itself in many ways...

Hence the aforementioned conflict of the querent with Venus (produced by the translation of light through the Moon/Mercury opposition, creating a great tension).

The Moon, signifier of the question in general, of the querent and of the process, in its crescent phase, in the 2nd house which it rules, in its domicile at 19º of Cancer, comes from a square to Jupiter, peregrine, at 6º of Aries, in the 11th house, a trine to Venus, a sextile to Uranus, at 14º of Taurus, in the 12th house, a partile opposition, still slightly applicable for a few minutes, to Mercury (the querent), in the 8th house.

Finally, she goes into another opposition with Pluto, at 28º Capricorn, also in the 8th house (tension, radical changes, deep fears, even despair, as she comments). This last contact could herald a drastic end.

Soon the Moon will make an opposition to the Sun (from which it is separated by 25º) and some things will come to light. The Moon is slow due to its proximity to its apogee.

Saturn makes a trine to the Ascendant, which shows that the boss, the owner doctor, has sympathy for the consultant (or needs her). However, since Saturn is in the angular house and fixed sign, it is difficult for him to give in and change the working conditions.

The querent keeps telling me that she wants to leave, to stop being an employee, and to work privately in her home, which she has equipped for this purpose. She wonders why she cannot decide to do this.

The reason would be the Saturn regency, which keeps her under its influence and makes her dependent on the position, which on the other hand represents for her a fixed and secure income (Moon in house 2), and Mercury (her) is peregrine.

In addition, the Gemini Ascendant, which is mutable in the horary, makes her doubt again and again.

My first answer to the question was that since the Ascendant was at the end of a sign, it was reasonable to expect a change in the situation, so it was not convenient to accelerate what was going to happen anyway.

This change in the situation could also be foreseen by the future passage of Saturn (the boss) from Aquarius to Pisces, where it would lose its essential dignity, although it would remain angular and ruler of the MC. This happened on March 8th (one month after the question), although since Saturn and the MC were in a fixed sign, it was not something with rapid consequences, but rather the beginning of a slow process.

That would have been the end of my task. Still, by continuing to see the querent often, I was able to learn of the first result of this horary, which occurred only at the beginning of August (on the 2nd to be exact), when the practice changed ownership after long negotiations, coinciding with the change of Saturn's sign. The previous doctor sold his practice, although he still had to work there for some time for legal reasons.

So Saturn remains the ruler of the 10th house but without its essential dignity. There is a new head, which I would identify with Venus, exalted and also angular, that is, with greater strength than Saturn. This new doctor is the one who makes and unmakes everything now. The woman in charge of the physiotherapy department, who did not get along well with the consultant, argued with him and was fired.

This first result of the letter therefore took 6 months to manifest, that is, 24 weeks.

These are related to the 25º distance between the Moon and the Sun, as we said.

Mercury is also at a distance of 25º from the Sun (when it reaches the Sun, the Superior Conjunction will take place, and Mercury will begin a new synodic cycle, and therefore a new phase of work for the querent).

This shows us the coherence, the correspondence between the time elapsed since the date of the question and the "first solution" of the same, with the symbolic march of the planets (Moon/Sun and Mercury/Sun).

I chose August 2 because on that day the new owner, a Dutch doctor, approached the consultant with great kindness, embraced her, and asked her to stay, saying he did not want to lose her and promising her improvements in her work situation.

On the same day the Moon, in transit through the horary, passed over the MC and Mercury made a partial opposition to Saturn (the former ruler).

The counselor told me that with this new situation and the dismissal of the conflicted woman, she feels relieved and is no longer thinking of leaving.

However, since the Moon's translation of light from Venus (now the new leader) to Mercury is, as we said, through opposition, the tensions remain.

I now add the last and final chapter of this "story". The new doctor, who was friendly at first, brought his team to the physiotherapy section. There is now another woman who, together with a colleague, treats the patient worse than before, to which the new doctor turns a deaf ear.

Finally, on November 12, the consultant received a WhatsApp message informing her of her dismissal while she was on medical leave.

The tension between Moon and Mercury was thus hatched. Since this way of dismissal was outside any legal framework, she consulted a labor lawyer on my advice (and curiously also on the advice of the former chief physician), who managed to get her adequate severance pay and that the dismissal would be effective as of December 31, 23.

The new doctor did not take long to play the same role as the first dismissed woman (ruled by Venus, as he and his team are now), which increased the conflict with the consultant.

Astrologically, we observe that on November 12, 2023, the following events took place: the progressed Moon in the horary makes a partile opposition to Pluto, in the 8th house, which in turn is (from the beginning) in partile opposition to the querent's natal Venus, at 28º of Taurus, in her 2nd house.

In other words, this progressed Moon also conjuncts the natal Venus, burned and conjunct Algol, as we said, the ruler of the natal Sun, in Taurus, in the natal 2nd house.

Let us also remember that the translation of light that the Moon makes from Venus arrives until opposition to Pluto, after the tense partile opposition to Mercury, after which of course it is not empty, because when it enters Aquarius it will be in the orb of a sextile to Jupiter at 6º of Aries. *)**)

I think this adequately reflects the drastic end of the working relationship, and now the hourly chart has gone all out.

We could perhaps begin to confirm the hypothesis that afflicted planets in the natal chart (in this case Venus) are reflected in afflictions and problems in the hourly charts.

*) Frawley says: "There is a general rule in astrology: the closer, the stronger. The more exact the aspect, the stronger its effect" (Frawley, Handbook of Horary Astrology, p. 94). And here we see that the aspect made by the Moon, very strong in Cancer, its domicile, coming from exalted and angular Venus, to Mercury, peregrine in Capricorn, a sign that dislikes the Moon, is exactly partile.

**) In CA, p. 131 original (164 of Deborah Houlding's edition) we find this sentence by William Lilly: "... if you find that the lord of the ascendant... (is) chiefly afflicted..., you shall judge his misfortune by the nature of the house... of which the afflicted planet or planets are lords...". In this case, the ruler of the Ascendant is Mercury, which is afflicted by the Moon, which rules the 2nd house. Hence the nature of the conflict suffered by the querent, who had to resort to a lawyer to obtain the appropriate financial compensation. This corresponds perfectly with the 2/8 axis.

And the lawyer (we can take the Sun in C9 as his dispositor since Saturn is still the old boss, and although it rules the 9th house, it no longer has its former essential strength, when it was in Capricorn) comes to repair (for the querent) the disorder caused by Jupiter and Neptune in the 11th house of the horary, with excessive expenses and mismanagement of resources, which caused serious conflicts with the team and led the original owner to sell his office.

The Sun also rules the C3 of the timetable, of papers, procedures, contracts...

José Hernán CIBILS

WhatsApp: +49 173 583 5822

IG: @astrologikuum_jojuseris


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