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Death of John Lennon

Did you know that John Lennon had his Sun conjunct the asteroid N. 2409, called Chapman, as his killer?

It is interesting to analyze the event of John Lennon's death with the "elective" perspective, i.e. as if it were the answer to a totally hypothetical question, for example, "Is this a good time to go home?"

John Lennon's birth chart


In the natal chart, following Jesus Gabriel's procedure, we find asteroid No. 2409, "Chapman" (the killer's name) at 18º Libra, conjunct Lennon's natal Sun. Isn't that significant (it's not visible in this chart)?

Astrogematrically, the name John Lennon corresponds to the 27th degree of Aquarius, which falls in the 12th house of the natal chart, making an almost partile square to Uranus, in the 2nd house, and exactly partile to the cusp of his 8th house.

Event of death

8 December 1980, 10:55 pm, NY


We observe Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant, of health and life, and of the 10th house, burned by the Sun, ruler of the 12th house, in the 4th house, of the grave. The partile conjunction Jupiter/Saturn, present in his natal, is repeated at the time of his death. Mars, exalted in Capricorn, ruler of the 8th house, of death, of the event and of the natal, as well as of the natal 1, is making a quadrature to the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, from the 5th house.

Saturn rules this house and Jupiter rules the 4th, of the end.

We can consider Mars as the murder weapon, fired by a mental misguided person, who did it for fun (5th house) and to be famous, wanting to destroy Lennon's fame (Mercury, ruler of the natal 10). Between natal Mars and the event there is a square with a wide orb.

John Lennon's astrogematric degree (27° Aquarius) is making a partile square to Uranus, in the 3rd House, of daily life, from the 6th House.

It is also interesting to see where, according to astrogematry, the title of the song "When I'm sixtyfour" falls. It does so in 5th Libra, in partile conjunction with Jupiter/Saturn, which come together at the birth and death of John Lennon.

In the natal we find this degree in the 6th house, conjunct Mars, ruler of the Ascendant and the 8th house, of death...

And the song "Don't let me down" corresponds astrogemically to the 6th of Aquarius, conjunct John Lennon's natal Moon. All significant coincidences...


Comparison of the two charts (inner event, outer natal)

The Ascendant of the natal falls in the 8th House of the event. The natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is on Chiron of the event. Natal Mars is close to a conjunction with the same conjunction, in the event. Which is also at the midpoint between Mars and the North Node. There is a Uranus/Uranus opposition. Pluto in the event is on the orb of a conjunction with natal Sun.

Surely there is more juice to squeeze out of these charts. I find it amazing how clear everything is.

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