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Question asked on 3 Feb 2024, 16:29:50 hs. Berlin

It is the planetary hour of Venus, by triplicities it is not radical, but the question refers to an artistic theme, which is the area ruled by this planet, which also makes a partile conjunction to the querent's IC and a partile quadrature to her natal Venus/Neptune conjunction.

This makes the chart radical.

The consulter is the Sun, to the detriment at 14º Aquarius, angular in the C7, of the opponents (it is a contest where there are several applicants).

These are ruled by Saturn, with Faz in C8, a bad house for them (although it also rules the Sun).

The work of art, the painting presented, is Jupiter, rC5 and placed in the C10, of the prize, peregrine to 7º of Taurus.

There is a separative sextile between Jupiter and Saturn, with reception.

The prize is Mars, exalted at 22º Capricorn, in C6, also ruled by Saturn. Mars makes a separative conjunction with Mercury, rC2 of finance and rC3, of paperwork and paperwork.

Mercury is besieged between Mars and Pluto.

Venus, ruler of art in general, is approaching a conjunction with Mars, the prize.

Between the Sun (querent) and Jupiter (the work) there is a separative quadrature, without reception.

Between the Sun and Mars (prize) there are no contacts.

Jupiter applies to a quadrature to the ASC.

The Sun goes into a square to the MC and Uranus, in the C10.

The Moon, universal significator of the question, the querent and the outcome, fallen at 22º of Scorpio, angular in the C4, (where things come to an end) but without essential dignity, is coming out of a sextile to Venus; a square to the Sun; applies to a sextile to Mars (the prize), which receives it; a trine to Neptune, in the C9; another sextile to Mercury, without reception, in the C6, rC2 and when it changes sign to Sagittarius, it will be in the orb of a quadrature to Saturn, in the C8.

In synthesis:

The painting (Jupiter) is placed in the C10, of the award. This could be the best sign that something will win, although Jupiter has no essential dignity. Although it will surely not be the first prize.

The consulter (Sun), is placed in the C7, of the opponents, that is to say, it is angular, in the enemy field. However, these are ruled by Saturn in C8, which means that they are not well.

The Sun, in detriment, is also ruled by Saturn, but its situation is improved by its accidental dignity (angular)Venus, ruler of art in general and of the consulter's natal ASC, approaches the prize (Mars), which receives it.

The Moon, angular, but in detriment, (the querent and the result of the question) joins Venus with the Sun, the querent (by square) and by sextile with Mars (the prize), who receives it. There is a separative quadrature between Jupiter (the work) and the Sun (the querent), will they buy it?

Mars (the prize) applies to a sextile to Saturn (rSun) without reception, not very effective.

The Sun and Mars (querent and the prize) are joined by a translation of light made by the Moon (square to the Sun and partile sextile to Mars, with reception). There is tension and difficulties, but she will receive something.

When she changes sign, the Moon will be in the orb of a square to Saturn, which will hurt the other postulants, though to a lesser extent the Sun as well.

So I would say that the most positive aspect in this chart, is the placement of rC5 in C10, of awards and honors.


It was as is, it didn't get the first prize, but it did get a "third mention", which "is something", as I said in my analysis.

Those who won the prizes (1st and 2nd) are students of the workshop of the organizer of the contest...

Anyway, the hourly chart does not take into account these behind-the-scenes arrangements and goes to the result.

Another important thing: this seems to be a relatively clear chart, but where is the ruler of the C7, of the astrologer, Saturn? In the 8th!

This is a danger for the person reading the chart, he/she can make a mistake, you have to be very careful and pay attention to every detail.

My first impulse was to tell the querent that she was not going to win anything, given the lack of clear contacts between her and the prize. But the r5 in 10 was the key.


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